Pick a Style

Choose any of our styles to try, and let us know your usual size. We will mail you a package (for free!) with a sample dress in black of the size indicated, as well as a size below and a size above, so that you can find your perfect fit! We will also send you a colour card with ALL the colour options available from our fabric mill. 

Custom Made

You have four days to try on the pieces, and then return them with the prepaid shipping label. Once you know your size, you can order the style online in any colour from our selection, and we will CUSTOM make the dress for you in your desired colour and size.

Please Note

We must collect payment information before sending you free samples to try. Please note that you WILL NOT be charged for this service, unless we do not receive the items back in their original state within the stipulated amount of time.


Risk-free to try. Priceless to own. The new paradigm in luxury online shopping.